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With 2.5 Billion users worldwide, Facebook is a platform you should be on and a great way to grow your brand or business. This can be done using Facebook Ads but can also be done organically. Today, we’re going to talk about growing your Facebook Page organically.

When starting to create a Facebook strategy, think about your own Facebook feed. What catches your eye, what makes you stop and read the post? Is it video? Is it an eye catching photo? Or is it just plain text?

Heading into 2020, video is going to dominate social media and Facebook is no different. That’s not to say you have to only do video but doing Facebook Lives and adding video will go a long way for your business. The bonus to doing a Facebook live is you can download the video and repurpose that video and use it on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Like we talked about in our LinkedIn article, utilizing groups is huge for your business. Finding a group that is in your target audience and providing value to that group will go a long way in helping grow your page and your business. Remember to follow the group rules and provide value. Constant selling or getting off topic in the group will not do you any good.

When growing your Facebook page, like every other platform we talk about. You want to provide more value than selling to your audience. If you’re constantly selling to an audience without telling them who you are or how you can help, chances are they wont engage with your page.

The next step in growing your Facebook page is to engage and respond. When your audience engages with your page, make sure you keep that discussion going. Leaving a comment without replying might show that you don’t care about that relationship with your audience. The same goes with messages in your inbox. The longer you leave a message, the chances that your audience will look for someone else to help them rises.

Did that help? If you want to know more, let’s chat!

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