Ready to grow on LinkedIn?

The past few week’s we’ve talked about optimizing your profiles on the 4 main social media platforms and now we’re going to talk about growing those platforms, starting with LinkedIn.

In our Optimizing LinkedIn article, we touched base on posting content and writing articles using the 80/20 rule. Now, we’re going to talk about growing on LinkedIn.

Like we said in our previous LinkedIn article, this isn’t like any other social media platform out there. LinkedIn is like a networking event that’s online where you can constantly connect with others. LinkedIn has what it calls connections. These are people you’re connected with being 1st connections, people that are connected to your 1st connections are 2nd connections and so on.

The beautiful thing about LinkedIn is when you put out great content that your target market likes, they can react and maybe even comment on your posts. The benefit to that is, if someone you’re connected to comments or reacts, their connections will be able to see your content. Kind of like throwing a stone into the water, it works like a ripple effect.

With LinkedIn there are groups similar to Facebook Groups and like Facebook, being active in groups will go a long way. The more value you provide to the group the more people will see you as an expert in your field. Utilizing groups is a great way to make new connections, get your name or your businesses name out there and provide a ton of value to your target market.

What to know more about how to grow on LinkedIn?

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