It’s Time to talk Twitter!

Are you ready to optimize your Twitter profile? Twitter is like Instagram in the sense that you have a limited space to create a bio that is short, sweet and to the point. As well, you can tag others and have searchable hashtags.

With only 50 characters, you have to get to the point when making your bio and as we said, using hashtags that fit your industry is a great way to help your visibility. 

Once again, like all social media platforms, you have the option to upload a profile photo and this is something your audience should recognize. With your profile photo, we recommend using your logo or an image that fits your brand and your audience will remember. Using the same photo on all your platforms is a great way for your audience to recognize you.

When it comes to the different social media platforms, cover photos vary in size. When making your Twitter cover photo, be sure to use something like Canva and search for the correct size or you can make it yourself using an image that’s 1500px – 500px.

When making your profile on Twitter, be sure to add in a link to your website or a site you want people to visit. You can do this a number of ways, you can have your website there that will take people to your landing page, a popular option is to have a booking page as the link or finally, the 3rd option is to have a links page like we have talked about in previous blogs. This way your audience can access anything you want them to with one click.

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