Ready to optimize your Facebook Page?

When it comes to Facebook, you have your personal profile and you have your business Facebook Page. Like last week’s blog, this week will continue to talk about optimizing your Facebook page.

When it comes to Facebook, you’ll want to make sure you start with a profile picture that your  audience will remember and something that they know. Most people will use their logo but you can use an image that relates to what you do. As long as it’s something that will stand out and that your audience will know.

Secondly, you will want a cover photo or a cover video. The option is up to you. Personally, we have a video that Serenade Production Studio designed for us. Like your profile photo, this is something that should be consistent with your branding and something your audience should recognize.

As you’re getting started with your Facebook Page, you want to have a URL (user name) that is consistent across all your platforms. For example, all of our social media platforms use russtekmedia. Doing this, your audience will be able to find you easily. If you have different names, on different platforms, this will make it for your audience to find you on each platform.

The next step is filling out your “About Section”. This is where you can tell everyone who you are and what you do. When setting this up, be sure to choose the appropriate category. This could be a local business or place, brand or product, cause or community and so on. This will help your audience to better find you as well as help set up your page to best suit your industry.

When you visit other pages you will notice that on the left hand side, there is a side menu that will have things like Photos, Events, Services, Reviews and so on. This is something you can completely customize to have the way you want it. If you don’t host events, that’s something you’ll want to remove but if you want to have people get to your photos easily, that’s something you can have added. It’s totally up to you and your business to have what buttons you want on that menu.

A feature that is relatively new is to have the ability to book appointments right in Facebook. The bonus to have this feature is if you’re a new business and don’t have a website or if you primarily want your business to be on Facebook, you can keep your audience there and have them book right then and there.

When it comes to optimizing your Facebook, we could spend hours here talking about it but this blog will give you the basics to get you setup and ready to go.

Have you followed us on Facebook? Click the link below and follow our page and if you want to know more, book a call with us…we have that “Book a call” feature all setup!

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