Where should you start?

For the most part, we have social media profiles but now you’re starting a business and need to create Business Pages for your company. Where should you start and how are you going to grow them?

Most people I talk to overthink creating pages and get overwhelmed before they even get started. Before you get overwhelmed, let’s break it down. Social media for your business is easy and just remember, it’s all about building relationships and being social.

What platforms should you start with?

Before you jump right in and start working on every platform you must first identify where your audience is. Is your audience professional and B2B? Then I would suggest using LinkedIn or Facebook. Are you a photographer and looking to sell your work, maybe Instagram would be best to reach your audience.

Once you know where your audience is, that’s where you start. There are a few schools of thought about sticking with one platform and doing it well or spreading it out to all platforms. What I would suggest is to make sure you have an account with the same name on all platforms and then really push one or two until you can devote time to focus on more platforms.

I know where my audience is, now what?

Now that you know what platform your audience is on, time to optimize that platform. If it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure you have a profile photo and cover photo that are the proper size and fits with your branding. Now it’s time to make your profile optimized to best suit your audience.

Make sure your branding is there so your audience will have no doubt when scrolling that this is your page and will want to engage with you.

Now that my page is all setup, what should I post and when?

When it comes to creating content for your audience, it’s not as hard as you may think. The first thing I do is look at what my audience likes and engages with. Once I know that, I use the three E’s to create content that my audience will enjoy. You want to make sure your Educating your audience while entertaining them and making it engaging. When doing this, make sure you also follow the 80/20 rule.

When it comes to running a business, we understand that there is a lot on your plate. If that’s the case and you’re looking for someone to help you with this, let’s chat about us managing your social media for you!

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