Are you on Tik Tok yet?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve at least heard about Tik Tok

Since its launch in 2016, after taking over the app musicly, Tik Tok now has around 500 million users and is the fastest growing social media platform out there and there are no signs of it stopping.

The main premise for the app is to make short 15 or 60 second videos either lip syncing to songs or comedy skits, making videos doing trending dance moves or like other platforms

Right now, using sounds and dances or even lip syncing to sounds, you can also use it to grow your brand. As an example, there is a lawyer on Tik Tok right now who uses all the trending songs to lip sync to while adding text to the screen giving little bits of value about cases she’s working on that could benefit you. Of course, not giving away any details.

This is something anyone in any business can do. Right now, we are using Tik Tok to grow our brand by just having our sign in the background. Not expecting anything I was DM’d asking what that was and what I did.

Shortly after, I made a Tik Tok that made it look like you were picking a character in a video game listing my attributes. Or in this case, what it was we did here to help manage social media accounts for businesses.

So, are you on Tik Tok? Click the button below and head to the Facebook post for this blog and drop your Tik Tok there so we can follow each other and help each other grow!

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