To sum up what the show Seinfeld was about in one word: Nothing!

We’ve all seen at least one episode of Seinfeld and it’s no secret that just like the title of this blog post says, the show was about nothing.

So, if the show was about nothing, why did it do so well? How could a show that was about nothing last 9 seasons? More importantly, what does this have to do with marketing?

If you read our last 2 blogs about the Attractive Character and the Soap Opera Series, you’ll see that this is the third in the series of blogs that all have to do with email marketing.

Once you have your Attractive Character established and have created the series of emails after your audience has opted in you will need to continue to build that relationship.

A great way to do this is with what Russell Brunson calls, the Daily Seinfeld Sequence. Now, it’s says daily, but we know that’s a lot of work to keep up and create an email every day and depending on your audience, that might be to many emails and you could potentially lose people.

You know your audience best and can come up with a strategy around when you want to send these emails and how often but no matter when you send them to your audience, one thing is clear…these emails will be about “nothing”.

Ok, maybe not about nothing but in the “series” of emails you send that are either, daily, weekly or even monthly, the over all theme will be about nothing.

What’s great about these emails is you can tell a story about your attractive character and maybe include some real-life experiences in there that will help bring your audiences attention to whatever it is you want them to know about.

You may have got a phone call from a wrong number and on this call, they talked about going on a trip before you had a chance to let them know. Using that call, you can tell a story to your audience in an email and then offer them something at the end. For example, you might be offering training on an email marketing course and with that wrong number tell a story about how talking about taking a trip made you think about the trip you took in writing your soap opera sequence. At the end of then email, you can tease about how you have this course and it’s something your audience could benefit from.

With that said, do you want to know more?

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