Ready to create your soap opera sequence?

No matter how people opt into your email list, you want to start building a relationship with these people that have given you their email. This could be done through a lead magnet or many other ways. No matter how you got an email, you want to keep that relationship going.

This is where the soap opera sequence comes in. We’re going go over each step and explain how that works. Ready? Good!

Step 1: Set the Stage

With this first email, this is an email that the person opting into your list will get usually right away after then opt in. This is where you will set the stage and introduce them to your attractive character, and this is where you will start to build your relationship with your “subscriber”.

With each of these emails in the sequence, you want to make sure that they’ll come back for more and want to read the following days email, just like a cliff-hanger at the end of a soap opera. When you watch a soap opera, they always leave you hanging and wanting to see what happens next. This is exactly what you’re going to do here.

Step 2: High Drama / Backstory /Wall

With the second day’s email, you want to add a few things into this “story” to help your audience along for the ride. You will need to talk about a high drama situation that will hook them in, give them a little bit of a back story about this situation and then how you hit the wall in this situation.

This is something that will help them in getting to know you or your attractive character if it isn’t you and help to build that relationship even further. Once you have done this, you’re going to once again, leave them with a cliff-hanger so that they will want to come back for more and want to read day 3’s email.

Step 3: Epiphany / That One Thing

With your third email, you will then talk about “That one Thing” or the epiphany you had that will solve your potential customer or client’s problem. Something that took you some time to figure out but, since you have, you’re going to share it with them.

This is part of the story you will tell but not give to much away, this is something you will want to lead into the next day’s email where you talk about how this can help them and solve their problem.

Step 4: Hidden Benefit

Now that you have found “That one Thing”, a way to solve your audience’s problem, you’re going to talk about how you can solve that for them. This will be the second last email right before the call to action and where you’re going to want to start that “pitch” to get your customer to buy or where you can sign your next client.

Step 5: Urgency Call to Action

You have started to build a relationship with your reader and this will be the last email in this series but certainly not the last email they will get from you. More on that in next week’s blog.

With this step, this is where you’re going to add your call to action. You have teased whatever it is you want to sell and now it’s time to get your reader onto the next step of your funnel or to book a call or whatever it is you want them to do.

What we’ve talked about here, is a very small piece to the whole process when it comes to the soap opera sequence and if you’re curious about learning more about each step, I highly recommend getting Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. In this book he has an entire chapter dedicated to the soap opera series.

If you want to get this book for FREE, just click the button below!

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