What do soap operas and email marketing have in common?

You might be wondering why I’m talking about a soap opera in this blog. Well, let me explain by starting off with this question, how full is your inbox right now?

If it’s anything like mine it’s full! How many of those emails do you open and how many of those emails just get deleted?

At some point or another you’ve been to a retail outlet or have seen a store online and have signed up for a newsletter but the more emails we get the less we open. Is that true for your inbox as well?

Now, if you saw the title of this blog post as a subject of an email from someone you wouldn’t expect to see that, you’d be a little curious right? I know I would be.

This is what hooks you into opening the email but how am I going to get you to stay? Well, have you ever watched a soap opera? Those are shows that have been on for many years and are continuous. At the end of each episode, they leave you with a cliff hanger that makes you watch again the next day to see what is going to happen.

When you use this in your email marketing, it’s called the Soap Opera Series of emails. Before you start to plan out this sequence, the first thing you need, is an attractive character. If it wasn’t for the characters in the soap opera, you wouldn’t keep watching.

Having a character that is attractive to your audience is what’s going to keep them coming back for more. This could be a character you make up or you can even use experiences from your own life, and you can be that character in your emails.

Now that you have your character, you’re ready to start with the sequence.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post and we’ll dive into the steps of each sequence.

See what I did there? Keep that in mind for next week.

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