Why is social media not working for your business?

Something I hear a lot is people telling me that they don’t want to “waste money” on social media marketing because it doesn’t work or that they can’t get clients or even their target market isn’t on social media.

To that, I have to say respectfully, you’re doing it wrong.

First when I people tell me that their social media isn’t working, I go do a mini audit on their accounts and the first thing I see is they are not consistent on social media.

Being consistent on social media is huge for your brand. If you’re not consistent and only posting every few days or worse, every few weeks, the algorithms will not put your posts in front of your audience, and you won’t be seen by your target audience.

The next thing I see is people posting nothing but promotions, sales and asking their audience to buy buy buy.

When I see this, the first thing I ask is take a step back and think about what you follow and engage with on social media. If you’re on your Facebook feed and see this from random pages, will you jump and buy right away? If all you see is a page asking you to buy, are you going to pay attention to them for much longer?

This is why I talk about the 80/20 rule. What that means is, you must provide your audience with value at least 80% of the time. Something that will show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. As you build trust, you’ll start to build a relationship with your audience. Once you have trust and a relationship, you can ask someone to buy something from you.

This is the point you can use the other 20% of your posts and start promoting an offer to your audience.

Does this make sense? We know being consistent on social media takes a lot of time and effort, it also takes a lot of research to keep up on the latest trends to continue to be relevant on social media. That’s why we’re here to help!

Are you looking to step up your social media game and get out in front of your target audience? Click that button below and Let’s Chat about how we can help you.

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