Building and maintaining relationships

As a social media manager and an entrepreneur, building relationships is key to a successful business. Not only building relationships but maintaining those relationships as well.

Early on starting Russtek Media, I was able to land a very large client, something I was very excited for and ready to help this client grow online. We managed to get brand recognition for this client both organically and with paid ads but this the client decided it was time they did their own social media in house.

This is something that obviously I would have loved to continue but it’s something I can’t control. As we do, they must make decisions that are best for their business.

This is something as business owners we can take many ways. We can be bitter about losing a client and that cash flow coming in or, we can be happy for them and the success we did have and offer help in anything they need to ease the transition to doing the work in house.

Building relationships is one thing but the key to a successful business is maintaining those relationships and continuing to help each other grow.

No matter the business, helping each other grow is the only way to run a business. Even when it comes to other social media managers, I have never wanted to “compete” with them, I would much rather help each other grow. This is what building and maintaining relationships is all about.

What are your thoughts? When you lose a client, are you still willing to help them after the contract is over?

How about other businesses in your field, do you help them and work together?

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