As an entrepreneur, are you managing your time properly?

Something I pride myself in is always being prepared and managing my time properly. It’s not something that came easy but with dedication in building a good system and some tools, it’s something I have almost perfected. I say almost because there is always room for improvement.

This past Monday I got a call at 8am. Something I wasn’t expecting as I don’t normally get calls that early. It was a call from my father to inform me that there was an accident in the family, and this is something that was more important then what I needed to do that day for work.

As an entrepreneur there is always so much on the go and we are doing the jobs of many, not just one. Being responsible for running the business and taking care of clients takes a lot of work and a lot of planning and one thing that I have stressed over an over again is to never work day to day.

If I was working day to day I would not have been able to spend time with family all week. I have always been one to look ahead and have work completed for the following week and even the following month. That donesn’t mean I didn’t do anything this week, I just had to make sure I adjusted my schedule and work around being with family.

Not knowing how late I would be with family; I couldn’t count on spending time working in the evenings so I adjusted and woke up earlier than normal and worked at 3 or 4am and that allowed me to spend time with family. When I normally take Sunday off, I spent it working to make sure I was caught up to again spend time with family during the week.

Do you have a system in place? Are you able to take time off for emergencies and still be ok?

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