Do you have a plan for your social media?

When it comes to social media, just posting for the sake of posting will not help you grow your following or your business. You need a strategy!

You’ve heard me talk over and over about being social on social media and engaging with your audience. No doubt that this is key, but you also must have content that your audience wants to engage with.

When creating your content, you want to have a plan and a strategy. In that strategy I’d consider using the 80/20 rule. What that means is, you’re going to give your audience 80% value and promote just 20% of the time.

You might ask, why would you give away more value and only promote 20% of the time? The reason for this is you want to show your audience that you are an expert in your field. Think about all the business accounts you follow, if they were to post every day telling you to buy their service without really telling you what they do and what they know about that service, will you trust them? Would you think they know what they are doing? Probably not.

The second thing you need to consider when it comes to have a good plan and strategy for your content, you want to use the 3 E’s. What do I mean by that?

Educate, Entertain and Engage.

When you’re posting to social you want to make sure you’re educating your audience and providing value. While you’re educating them you also want to entertain them. Now, that doesn’t always have to be in the same post but at some point, within your strategy, you want to be entertaining as well. If you have a dull page, you will struggle to gain followers and there is a good chance you will lose the followers you have as well.

Next up, you absolutely must engage with your audience. When someone engages on your content, you absolutely must reply to them. This way, you’re starting to create that relationship with them and showing them that your business cares. To take it a step further, go out into your target audience and start engaging on their posts.

Hopefully that helps you and will give you some ideas when you create your content strategy. Do you need help with creating a plan or a strategy for your business? One of the things we offer, are strategy sessions. Click the button below and Let’s Chat about your strategy!

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