Should you schedule your posts?

A question that comes up a lot is if you should schedule your posts or do it manually?

There are many ways to schedule your posts to multiple platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Postfity, TweetDeck, Facebook Creator Studio and many more.

The one misconception is that if you use these third-party schedulers, Facebook or any other platform, they won’t rank your posts like they would if you posted manually and the algorithm will hide those post.

This isn’t true at all!

What tends to happen when people use schedulers is, they forget the post once it goes out. This is the reason they don’t do well. If you downloaded my Instagram Hacks eBook, you know about the $1.80 strategy. This is where you engage with posts and accounts that are in your target market.

Using schedulers is a great way to save time and be more productive as you can batch your work and get posts out a week, month or even a year in advance. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three, but I find it best to go a week in advance or a month depending on the client or your business.

Once you have all your posts scheduled out, make sure it’s a priority to engage with your audience daily and you will see that your posts will get a much greater reach. This is where the $1.80 strategy comes in.

If you haven’t downloaded our free Instagram Hacks eBook, make sure you click the button below and see what I’m talking about when I mention the $1.80 strategy.

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