Does influencer marketing work?

From celebrities, to models, to local personalities. More people are tapping into influencer marketing, but does it work?

To answer that question, it can work and be very effective if done properly.

Let’s focus on using local personalities as an influencer for your marketing. First thing you must consider, does the influencers audience align with your target market? If the local personality is someone who has a younger audience that is mostly interested in makeup or hair products, will you want to pay them to market your professional business like a law firm or an accounting practice? Probably not.

The second thing you’ll want to consider is, how engaged is the influencers audience? There was a story a few months back where an “influencer” with 2 million followers needed to sell some t-shirts. Simple right? It wasn’t so simple for her however, as she couldn’t even sell 36 t-shirts. If you don’t have a relationship with your audience, you won’t be able to market anything to them.

Now let’s talk about working with an influencer that fits with your target market and you’re starting to sell your product or service. Is that it? Should you just leave it at that?

Absolutely not! This is something I see far to often. Businesses are overjoyed at the huge influx of followers as they start to sell their product or service but then sales slow down, and you start to lose followers. Why is that?

If you can’t be consistent with your own social media pages and build your own audience, using an influencer is only going to work in the short term. You wan to be able to build a relationship with your new followers and start providing them with value.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an influencer to help you market your business, but you must work hard to build relationships on your own with your audience.

Want to learn a little more about how that works? Let’s chat!

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