How to get over procrastinating?

Recently I had a conversation about procrastination and trying to come up with a system to get over it.

During the conversation, I found out that writing lists down on paper and other apps didn’t work, I immediately recommended ToDoist as it’s not only To Do List but so much more.

After explaining all the features ToDoist offers, they are willing to give it a try. From keeping stats that show when you’re most productive to giving points for each task completed it’s a perfect way to stay organized and learn patterns to better set yourself up to be more productive.

One of the ways I’ve started to use ToDoist, is to help remind me to engage more on social media. It’s no secret that it’s hard enough to manage one account let alone multiple accounts. I was able to create a project in ToDoist and in that project have tasks that are dedicated to each platform and then reminding me to engage on each at separate times. Being able to set reminders for multiple times for each task is priceless.

Engagement is crucial for growing your Instagram account and pairing ToDoist to help remind me to engage has done wonders for my Instagram accounts.

Mind you that’s not the only hack I use to grow my accounts but it’s one of the most important!

Curious about the other hacks I use? I’ve but them into this eBook for you to have. Just click the button below and it’s all yours!

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