I love helping businesses grow!

As a small business owner and marketer, something I love to do is help other businesses grow.

That could be in the form of working with them on their digital media strategy, managing their social media or something as simple as hosting networking events to connect business owners together so that they will be able to help each other.

Having done this for many years, I have developed the mindset that if you scratch my back my back, I’ll scratch yours. Many people have questioned why as a digital marketer I also help and work with other digital marketers.

That answer is simple, I do not complete! Seeing others business in this industry compete, you start to see some bad in others as they under cut their prices and talk down about the business they are competing with.

The way I see it, there is more than enough work for everyone and then some. So there is no point in completing. If someone comes to me and it’s a project that’s out of my scope, I’ll recommend a business I know can handle that. Knowing all well that the favor will be return in time.

Same goes with running a networking event. There are some many events in Windsor and since day one, I have helped promote other events and have told clients, friends and other business owners to attend as I know that they’ll benefit from it as well as it helps the promoter.

Doing this, I have seen other good friends help promote my events and that’s something I really appreciate. Not everyone out there will help and that’s ok but that’s not how we do business here.

For example, our BlackBerry Meetup and Open networking event coming up and there is some amazing interest due to some great people promoting and sharing the event and that’s what it’s all about!

Want to know more about our event on August 13trh? Click the button below and get your tickets now!

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