Are you building relationships?

No matter what kind of business you’re in and no matter what platform you’re on to market your business, it’s all about building relationships.

If you go back to my blog post about the Gary Vee $1.80 strategy, I talk about how to grow your Instagram account using his strategy by leaving your “2 cents” on posts in your target market.

The reason you should be doing this is, it builds relationships. When a company or brand is following you or your business and you see them consonantly commenting on your posts, that starts to build a relationship. Soon if you’re ever in the market for whatever they’re selling, they will be the first people you think of.

This also goes for networking. As a business owner, getting out and networking is a great way to build relationships. There is nothing better than being out in a relaxed setting and getting to chat with other business owners. I love it so much; I go out of my way to help others with getting venues so that I can attend even more events!

In less than a month, we are going to be hosting our 5th networking event and 3rd one that will be an open networking event for business owners but will also focus on BlackBerry Mobile. The first event, we were very lucky to partner with them and they were kind enough to give us a BlackBerry Motion to raffle off. The second event, again they were very kind to give us a BlackBerry KEY2 LE. This event, once again they have been kind of enough to give us a KEY2 LE to raffle.

Will we see you there on August 13th? Will you be the one to win this phone? You’ll have to get your tickets and see. Just click the button below.

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