Are you using your mobile device properly?

As entrepreneurs, our mobile devices are our assistants. Always with us and keeping us connected to our clients and our customers whether it’s via social media, calls, text or however you connect with them.

Since our mobile devices are always with us, we need to make sure we take care of them so they can be the most productive tool that than can be. No matter what mobile device you have, making sure you have your phone charged and ready to go is key!

Most of us, have our phones all day and like to keep our devices plugged in at night while we sleep so that when we wake up, they are ready to go. Although most phones have software that will stop the charge when the battery is full, are phones are always running and will trickle down to 99% so that means the charge will continue. This will wear on the battery over time and you will start to notice that you are getting less out of your battery throughout the day.

The next way to keep your phone healthy is to know when to charge your phone. Typically, our mobile devices will be at their best between, 30% and 80%. Letting your battery drain all the way to almost zero will make the battery work harder in order to get your phone charged back to full and once fully charged, the first 20% will drain a little faster than the next 40%. Don’t be afraid to plug your phone in to give it a boost to keep you going.

Having a BlackBerry KEY2 with a 3500mAh battery, I know I’m good for a day with heavy use and up to 2 days on a single charge with little to moderate use in a single day.

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You don’t have to own a BlackBerry or be a BlackBerry fan, just bring your business cards and be ready to have fun! Who knows, you might learn to love BlackBerry again!

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