Do you focus on customer service for your business?

From the time I started working with the Beer Store in 2000 till now, owning Russtek Media I have been in the customer service industry. The only difference is that instead of a retail outlet I focus on helping clients grow their businesses online.

Customer service is something I take great pride in and always have. The way I see it, if you go that extra mile to help a client or a customer, they will do the same for you. An old manager of mine from tBS once said, as a customer service representative you have no idea how the customers day has been so no matter how your day is going, we should all go out and make that customers day brighter. You must put yourself in the customers shoes and think about how they would like to be treated.

Although I strive to give the best service to my clients and always go the extra mile, it’s hard to take a client out for a coffee and have a meeting with them in a place that doesn’t have the same standards as we do at Russtek.

Normally I tend to go to some amazing local coffee shops like Wizards of Walkerville or Anchor Coffee to either work or have meetings with clients and potential clients. They have always been amazing to me and I return the favor by spreading the word to help their business. My experience with chain coffee shops have not been pleasant and this was the case recently.

For anyone starting a small business, no matter if it’s a retail store or an online business the focus is to really look after your customers and your clients. Go that extra mile to take care of them and leave them with an amazing impression. Something that will keep them talking and coming back for more.

What to experience our customer service and see how Russtek Media can help your business? Click that button below and let’s book a call!

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