How are you being held accountable in your business?

Every single one of us have big goals for our businesses but most of us don’t have someone to hold us accountable for those goals. Even if it’s just a small goal that will take a couple of hours to complete, what happens if you don’t complete that goal or task? Life will go on, yes but if you miss that goal are you moving the needle forward in your business?

I’ve been very fortunate to have a friend in business that has helped me a long the way and continues to teach me daily but what has really helped in the last month is an accountability group.

In this group, we have by weekly calls where we can set new goals and with our accountability partners, we are held accountable to make sure we complete these tasks.

Another way to be held accountable is being apart of a Mastermind Team. This is a team or a group where you meet quarterly (Or however often you would like to) and while you provide value to the group about your field, the group will also help you in any area of your business that you are struggling with.

Both methods involve surrounding yourself around people that have the same motivation and drive that you have.

Have you ever thought about or wanted to be apart of a Mastermind team?

If I started a Mastermind team right here in Windsor, would you like to participate?

If you are interested, click the button below and we will keep you posted to when we are ready to get started!

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