Is your LinkedIn profile optimized?

Many years ago, when you created your LinkedIn account it was used as your online resume. Once you created it, most of us just left it and forgot all about it. Things have changed just a bit and having an optimized LinkedIn profile is huge for business owners and entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn has now become a VERY powerful professional social network that is used to network with fellow business owners, potential clients, and employers.

How is LinkedIn any different from Facebook?

Facebook is a way to connect with family and friends as well as interact with other business pages. You’re able to see updates from businesses, their hours, and what they offer. LinkedIn, however, is meant as a tool to network.

How many of you have gone out to a networking event?

LinkedIn is basically the online version of networking. When you go to a local event, you interact with fellow business owners and chat with them, finding out what they do and finding out about their business.

With LinkedIn, you can search out people in your target market and connect with them. For us at Russtek, we started out local and only looked at business in our area. Business owners that we met only at local networking events. This is a great way to get your business going but there is so much more potential using LinkedIn.

How did we grow using LinkedIn?

After optimizing our profile and chatting with fellow business owners to give us a recommendation, we were ready to start connecting. The more people you connect within your target market the better. These are people that will also recommend you and endorse you in the skills you have on your profile.

After we optimized our profile, we started adding articles to our profile and with that, we were starting to get recognized.

One of the most important things you need to do on LinkedIn is be active. We make sure to post daily as well as comment and like posts that fit our business. This is a great way to get more connections.

There is so much more to LinkedIn than just what we have here.

Are you ready to optimize your LinkedIn profile? Click the button below and we’ll do an audit on your LinkedIn profile for FREE.

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