Want to have a McHappy Day Big Mac with me?

With McHappy Day tomorrow, I figured this blog from last year was perfect to share. Want to have lunch with me?

For those that have followed me on Instagram for the past few years, you’ve seen my posts in May eating way too many Big Mac’s.

Why do I do that in May?

I want to help those families in need that have to stay in the Ronald McDonald House going through the worst time of their lives.

A good friend of mine has had to spend far too much time in the RMH with both his children having to spend time in hospital. Currently, I have a friend that is in the Toronto RMH and another friend that recently had to spend time in the RMH with their new born in hospital.

Not being a parent, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to have a child in hospital but sitting on the outside looking in I want to help. My good friend that had both his children in the hospital started to go from one McDonald’s to the next and helping in any way that he could and even working at a MacDonald’s for the night last year helping the staff.

This friend is someone that I looked up to as a kid growing up and is still a good friend now, so I wanted to and still want to help out, so families going through the worst time of their lives have a little piece of home while they’re away.

This year McHappy Day is on May 8th and what I want to ask of you is to come meet me for a coffee or for a Big Mac. If you’re looking to get out of the office, bring your laptops and let’s work together using the McDonald’s free WiFi. For every Big Mac you eat or every coffee you drink, McDonalds will donate $1 to the Ronald McDonald House.

I’ll see you on May 8th and let’s have a coffee!

Click the button below and send me a message to find out where I am tomorrow!

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