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With what we are about to launch to help you grow your Instagram account, we thought it was perfect to share this post we put out last year from our friend Nichole Howson from AIM Social Media Marketing

We are very happy to say that this week we have our good friend Nichole Howson from AIM Social Media Marketing as a guest blogger. This week she talks all about Instagram and how you can make your posts rock as much as her does!

There are HUNDREDS of apps out there… And believe me, I know how hard it is to narrow it down… If you took a look at my phone, you’d see what I mean. I tend to download EVERYTHING that I MAY need one day. I’ve got a graphing calculator. No idea how to use it. But I have it…. Just in case.

So, with ALL these apps out there, how do you narrow it down to find the BEST apps to use for your social media?

Well…. You look at blogs like this one for guidance. So here it is… Here are my TOP NINE apps for Instagram!

1. Boomerang.

Don’t ask me why… But people LOVE these short little GIF like videos. Actually… I do know why. It’s because of something called Pattern Interrupt. This is what causes you to slow down or stop when you’re scrolling through Instagram to actually take a look at the video.

It’s moving… so it catches your attention.

2. Canva.

Canva is one of the best things I’ve ever found. It’s photoshop made easy! Pick your type of graphic, swap out a little text and an image and you’re good to go! Great for on the go graphics!

Learn more about Canva here!

3. ColorStory.

Ever take a photo that is just a little… bland? The colours aren’t really bright? This app is a simple and easy fix! It brightens the photo and makes the colours more vibrant! Bright colours cause pattern interrupt as well!

4. Retouch

You took a picture, you’re about to post it and then you notice there’s something random in the background that can ABSOLUTELY NOT be in the photo. This app is going to be a life saver! Just colour overtop of the object you don’t want to see and then hit retouch. DONE.

5. Repost

You want to reshare a photo someone else posted on Instagram. Instead of screenshotting it, cropping it, and then retyping their entire caption, you can use this app! It will copy their entire post, making it easy to reshare, but it also puts the persons Instagram handle on the left so people know it’s a reshare! Great way to avoid the accusation of you stealing someone else’s content! You’re clearly just resharing it and spreading the love!

6. Color Pop

Have you seen those images where everything is black and white EXCEPT for one random brightly colored object? Aren’t they cool? Talk about serious pattern interrupt! Color Pop makes this SUPER easy to do. It only takes a few seconds!

7. Pixomatic

I want to create a graphic of myself in front of the great wall of china. But I’ve never been…. So, I have three choices. (1) Jump on a plane. (2) Pull up photoshop on my computer. (3) Chose the easy way out! Use Pixomatic!

This app allows you to outline the object you want to crop out of a photo and then swap out the background for another image! Just a couple seconds and …. VOLIA! I’m in China!

8. CutStory

I recently got locked out of my house. I shot a video of me running around the house trying to get in and my victory once I got in. Now I have this 64 second video that I want to share as a story on Instagram. But I can’t…. Stories have to be shot in 15 second increments. BUT WAIT! One of the 500,000 apps I have on my phone can help with this!

CutStory takes any video and splices it into 15 second shots so I can upload them into a seamless story.

9. Snapseed

Want an app that does almost EVERYTHING? Well, look no further! This app is AMAZING for photo editing! You can do so much with it! There are 25 different features… Plus 12 different filters. I could spend another 20 minutes talking about it… Or you could download it and try it out!

Well there you have it! There are my top nine favorites! Do you have a favorite? Head over to our Facebook Page and leave a comment on this post! I can never have too many apps!

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