Are you taking time off for yourself?

Last weekend I decided to take some time to myself to enjoy an entire weekend off!

Lately for me, that’s a huge win! I have been working long days and into the weekends as well on a few big projects. Don’t get me wrong, to me it’s not “work” but something I love to do. I just lose track of time and forget to take time for myself.

This past weekend however, I made sure to take some time and enjoy the entire weekend off and use that to take an adventure around the city of Windsor.

I will admit, the goal was to stay off social media and not respond to any emails and I will admit, I was on social for a bit and I did respond to one email but that was it.

From going on an amazing walk, visiting my favorite book store Juniper, to having lunch at one of my favorite places Wizards of Walkerville and having an amazing home cooked meal at a very close friends house, this weekend was perfect.

Getting back to the desk Monday morning was just as fun and I didn’t mind the overflowing inbox and emails I had to respond to because this weekend was perfect and a nice chance to recharge the battery and I will say, I can’t wait to do it again!

Are you taking time to yourself and enjoying weekends off?

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