Would your business be ok if Facebook and Instagram shut down permanently?

Last Wednesday Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down. What would happen if this was permanent? Would your business be ok? Do you have a following on other platforms to be able to market your business?

I have always said; all social media platforms are rented spaces. What do I mean by that? For example, let’s look at platforms like MySpace or Live Journal. Those were early versions of what social media has grow into today. What if your business used those platforms to market and out of nowhere, they crashed and never came back?

What about Facebook and Instagram? Everyone was in a panic with those 2 networks being down for just a day! Could you image if you only marketed your business on those 2 and they just stopped…permanently?

One thing businesses should focus on, is using multiple platforms to promote themselves. You should still use Facebook and Instagram but what about Twitter? LinkedIn? How about email marketing?

Even LinkedIn as powerful as it is and Twitter are just rented spaces. Are you using email marketing?

With social media platforms, at any point they can crash. With email marketing, you can use multiple ways to gather emails and then use those to market for your business. The best part about that is the customer, client or potential lead has given you permission to have their email and send them info about your business. Unless that one customer changes their email or unsubscribes, you have the right to send them emails and market to them.

How can you do this?

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