You get what you pay for, right?

This is something I talk about often! I’m so happy to have the amazing clients that I do, and they are rock stars to work with! With that said, there are people you talk to and people that are looking for help and they are just not willing to pay what it takes for top end results. They want that 10-minute drawing of Spiderman done in 10 seconds.

What am I talking about?

I’m sure you’ve seen the feature image we chose for this post before. It comes from a video that has be recreated thousands of times. It shows what a drawing of Spiderman will look like if you take 10 minutes to draw it, compared to a 1-minute drawing and then again compared to a 10 (12) second drawing.

Clearly you can see the results. The harder you work at it with the time given you are going to get much better results.

This also goes for working as a social media manager. The more effort you put into something the better results you’re going to get. I will say, we do go over and above for all our clients and we want to make sure they succeed. That said, when others see these results and come up to us and want the same results but have a budget of let’s say a quarter of the price…that’s just not possible.

We want to make sure all our clients are taken care of and if we have a client that pay $xxxx and someone wants the same results with a budget of $yy, it’s just not fair to the first client.

When you’re looking for a social media manager or anything for that matter. Have that discussion, be up front about your budget and expectations and if you want results make sure you know what you’re getting into before moving forward.

Are you ready to see huge results for your business online?

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