What will you do if you get a bad review on Facebook?

Recently people have been asking me if you should delete a bad review or a negative comment on a recent post.

The simple answer to that is, leave it. Yes, you should leave it unless it has language that you deem doesn’t fit your brand or the commenter is way out of line.

Yes, the comment may look bad but how you handle that comment can be a lot better than the bad comment itself.

First off, if you’re getting a lot of negative comments there might be something deeper that you need to look at in your business. However, you can’t please everyone, and you’re bound to have one negative comment or review along the lines.

The best way to deal with a negative comment or review is to deal with it offline. Before you do that however, you need to leave a reply on that review or comment showing your concern and inviting the commenter to have a conversation offline telling them that you want to resolve the issue.

This will show your audience that you care about your clients and your business and you’re willing to take action.

Have a look at this reply from a business when they got a bad review. (We apologize in advance for the language in this image)

This is what not to do!

First off, there is never a situation where you should use this language online for any reason at all. You should never call out a customer this way. We all take comments and reviews personally so the best way to handle this is to sit back and calm down for a second before you reply. It may not be easy but replying angry is not the answer.

This review ended up going viral with thousands of comments from people unhappy with how this business handled this review. This is a perfect example that all issues you may have should be handled offline.

Have you ever had a situation where a comment or a review went wrong on your page? We’d like to know how you handled that.

Would you like to chat about options on ways your business can deal with comments?

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