You asked, we answered!!! More Social Media Tools of the trade!

Awhile back, we had a blog post talking about the tools of the trade for social media and still we get asked a lot about what tools we use.

As you know, things are always changing, getting better and new tools are coming out that assists us as social media managers to be more productive. With that said, let’s chat about a few more tools that I use every day.


The reason I want to talk about WordPress is in our last post, we talked about a tool called Linktree. Shortly after we posted that blog, Linktree went down for a short time and it just so happened that on that day we had a post up on Instagram directing our audience to “The link in our bio”.

This made us rethink using a service to direct people to our website or anywhere else and after being in a little panic, we made a links page on our website. Now, we are directing people right to our website and along with the links that we have on there people have a few other options that we put there to have people stay on our site.


This has become our favorite tool to post and schedule to Instagram. Unlike Hootsuite, that we still use for our other platforms, Planagram allows you to not only schedule the first comment on a post but you can schedule to your stories.

The benefit to this, is you can make your post look a lot cleaner and not have up to 30 hashtags taking away from your content and now have that in the first comment.

Social Info

This is, in my opinion one of the most powerful Instagram tools out there. With Social Info, you have the ability to easily research any hashtag to find out how many times it has been used, the total number of likes and comments that hashtag got. This is huge when you’re looking for hashtags to get a better reach on your posts.

This tool will also give you the ability to research related hashtags. For example, you are Social Media Manager and you want to find other hashtags that are related to that topic. You simply add that in the search field and Social Info will populate all the related hashtags for you to use.

If that wasn’t enough, you are able to research every account on Instagram and get great analytics. A perfect way to research your competition as well as see how well your account is doing!!!

Want to use these tools as well, make sure you click on those links. (They are in the title)

I’m sure in another year or so we’ll have an updated post with some more tools but before that time, if you have any questions about these tools or the tools we posted about in our previous blog feel free to reach out!

Hopefully these tools help you as much as they help me!

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