Using a BlackBerry in 2019???

I often get asked, you’re a social media manager and you’re still using a BlackBerry?

When most people think about BlackBerry, they think about the once dominant business phone and a company that is going under. They’re right about the once dominant business phone, but BlackBerry is thriving and doing well.

Although BlackBerry has stopped making the phones in Waterloo, ON Canada, they have outsourced the hardware to a company called TLC and do all the software and security for the phones here in house.

One thing BlackBerry has always been great in doing, is security and with the vulnerability of Android, it’s a perfect match.

Now, why am I still using a BlackBerry in 2019?

Unlike older BlackBerry OS’s, running Android gives BlackBerry phones all the tools and apps that are available to everyone. Every social media app and tool are all available to download onto my BlackBerry KEYone.

With the DTek security software installed to keep my KEYone safe, the 2-day battery life and the customization capabilities of the 52 shortcut keys on its physical keyboard, there is no other phone I would even consider using. The KEYone is all about being productive on the go and outlasting all other smart phones!

As a social media manger, I am always on the go. Meeting with clients, networking, keeping up to date with trends and engaging for my clients on all platforms. I need a phone that can keep up with me and not have to worry about bringing a charging cable with me every where I go. Can your phone do all that and go all day without being charged?

Would you consider a BlackBerry again or are you happy with the phone you have now? Click the button below and Let’s Chat about it!

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