Do you really need a content calendar?

From managing just one business and its social media account’s to managing multiple accounts for multiple businesses, social media can become overwhelming and that’s why you need a content calendar to help you stay organized!

Having a content calendar is crucial to planning out your content and getting it scheduled. When you have multiple accounts to manage it can be time consuming If you’re not batching your work.

What am I talking about?

For example, you are managing a Facebook Page, a Facebook group and an Instagram account. Your company or your client wants different posts for all 3 and posted at different times. Not having a system or a content calendar to help you manage all those posts could make things confusing.

If you’re batching your work, you will create, for example all of your Monday posts at the same time, all your posts for Tuesday, Wednesday and so on at the same time. As you’re creating them you are using a spreadsheet for a content calendar and putting the copy, times, dates, links and everything you need for each post.

Once you have all of that done, you can now just copy and past everything into your scheduler to be scheduled out.

Just for a second lets image that you have done your research, created all the images you need for your posts but don’t have a content calendar to keep track of everything. Now, you’re called into a meeting. Once you get back to work you forget everything you wanted to post and must come up with those ideas again, wasting time.

With a content calendar, you would have already had your copy, links and images saved and ready to go. Just need to schedule them out.

Are you ready to start using a content calendar now? Click the button below and download all 3 content calendars I use. I have my content calendar, a calendar I email to clients that will show them what is to be scheduled for the month as well as a document that you can use to get approval for posts from your clients or your manager.

These documents have changed the way to do things and have made life so much easier. Now they can make your life easier as well.

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