What WordPress Plugins should you be using? Part 2!

A short time ago I wrote a blog on some of the plugins that are best to use for your WordPress website. If it’s a personal blog or your professional business site, plugins can help your site stand out and work a lot of magic in the background.

With technology and software however, things change, get updated, improve or simply, there is something new that comes out that makes life even easier for us. I will talk about some of the best plugins out there now and ones that I use to make my site as well.

In my previous blog post talking about WordPress, I mentioned a few plugins including Yoast. Yoast is still one I use for SEO and love it. Below are some of the new plugins that I am currently using…


Elementor is a plugin that allows you to create your vision with drag and drop widgets, making building a website as easy as possible! The options are endless with the ways you can customize blocks and sections. You can create a page and use just the menu from a WordPress theme or stop using themes all together and completely create a site using only your design.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a paid addon to Elementor and has a lot more and better widgets to help you customize your site and get more out of it. Notably, if you have forms on your site, Elementor Pro’s form widget will help you not only help people contact you, but you can have forms do many things like redirecting to another page or syncing with the email marketing program you use to help get leads. Elementor pro is constantly adding new and better forms to help improve your site as well. If you’re using Elementor, I strongly recommend you pay for this plugin!

Popup Maker

There are a ton of popup plugins out there and I have found Popup Maker to be the best one. When you combine it with Elementor to design the popup, it’s even better. There are many uses for a popup and if you have any type of CTA on your site, Popup Maker is a plugin you will defiantly need!

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