What’s with the shirt that says, “I’m the BOSS”???

I’m the BOSS!!! That’s a very bold statement to make, isn’t it?

The more I wear my “I’m the BOSS” T-Shirt the more people ask me what it’s all about and what it means. It was just the other day, well the other day as I’m writing this post, a gentleman stopped me as I was leaving a meeting and I had my “I’m the BOSS” shirt on. He asked me what this shirt was and how he could get one.

I told him that I was a social media manager and this shirt is from a group I belong to called Social Media United. I told him we are the #SMUcrew and since I have left my “9-5” to become a successful social media manager, I’m the BOSS!

So how did I get that shirt? Well back in December as I started to grow Russtek Media I joined a social media course called, Social Media United. This is a course taught by Rachel Pedersen, one of the top and most respected social media managers in the world.

Back then it was a $1 trial for 30 days. I will be honest, when I joined, I was just going to learn as much as I could in 30 days and then leave before having to pay for the course. Mind you, I did leave for a short time, but I went back in and have been apart of Social Media United ever since and I am so glad I have stayed and will continue to be apart of this amazing group!!! I’m so proud to be  part of the #SMUcrew, I have that sticker on my laptop, tablet and the background on all of my devices!!!

What made this course stand out from all the rest is the private Facebook Group that Rachel created for all members of SMU. Not only is this a group where you can learn from others and help each other but it is the most supportive group I have seen!

As a member of SMU there are many advantages, one being the T-Shirt. If you can prove that you left your 9-5 and are successful as a social media manager, you can apply to receive one of these shirts. There are also other steps and shirts you can get but this is the first.

Not only does this shirt show others that I am indeed the BOSS, it’s so much more! It’s a shirt I wear proudly to promote an incredible group of people. Even more then that, for me it’s a source of motivation. Wearing this shirt or even drinking coffee from my SMU mug is pure motivation on days that I am not 100%.

We all have those days that we’re just down and are not feeling it. Those are my favorite days to wear my shirt or if it’s in the wash, drink out of my SMU mug. Wearing my shirt, in my mind helps me out of a funk and shows me that I have done it before and can continue to move forward and reach my goals!

Do you have something that helps you out of a funk and gives you motivation? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know!

Are you a social media manager and want to learn more about this amazing course and incredible group of people? Click the button below!

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