Will business cards ever die off?

Earlier this month we posted about business cards and how they would never die. That started a lot of conversations and people messaging me saying that they either love them or hate them.

With all the technology out there and having a smart phone with us 24/7, there are countless apps that have tried to replace the business card, from scanning apps to the simple contact app in our phones. BlackBerry phones have a business card scanner built right into the camera app that takes the data from a business card and stores it as a new contact.

Some will say that using these apps are a lot more environmentally friendly, and I do understand that. However, for me personally there is nothing like going to a networking event and exchanging a physical card and shaking someone’s hand.

All the networking events I have been to, I have kept every card and have them all sorted for easy access when I do need them as well as I use the BlackBerry camera app to add the card as a contact in my phone.

Our good friend Nichole over at AIM Social Media Marketing gave us the idea when we redesigned our card to add a picture to the front of the card. This is so when you look at your cards you have collected from a night of networking, you will be able to easily remember who that card belongs to.

With networking in mind, will you be bringing a physical business card to our BlackBerry Meetup and Networking event on November 20th or will you be using an app on your phone?

Let’s have a discussion on how you feel about business cards over on our Facebook Page.

Be sure to RSVP to our Open Networking event and BlackBerryMeetup on November 20th at Chapter Two Brewery!

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