Is there a tool that can help you be more productive?

As a social media manager there is always so much going on and I’m always looking for new ways to stay productive. We not only have to worry about our own platforms and must make sure we are keeping up with the latest social media trends, we have to do this for all of our clients as well.

For those that have team in place that’s not as hard to manage, however for those social media managers that are doing it on their own you need to have systems in place and tools that will help you stay organized.

One of the tools I use, and this is by far my most used app, is ToDoist. Now, you might be wondering why I’m talking about a To Do List App. I know there are thousands out there and as you know I LOVE my BlackBerry and all of their apps but ToDoist just stands out from the rest!

With ToDoist you can create projects to help sort your tasks. For example, I have a project for “Content” and in this project I have sub projects for each of my clients. This is an easy way for me to separate what client needs what task completed when I add a new task. I also have a task for “Chores”. Now no one likes to do the dishes or the laundry, but they are things that need to be done, so I have reoccurring tasks for those as well.

Now, as I just mentioned a lot of tasks must be done daily, weekly and even monthly. One of my favorite things about ToDoist is you can create a task that reoccurs. You can have it reoccur daily, weekly or monthly depending on what you need.

When in the office, some people like to have their phones out of reach to help them stay productive. How will this app help them if they can’t check things off and see what needs to be done if they don’t want to have the distraction of their phone near them?

Well the great thing about ToDoist is that it’s not only an app on your phone but an app on your laptop, you can have it open as a tab in your browser, an extension in Chrome or even an extension in your Gmail. With the paid version of ToDoist you can have you email synced with the app to help stay even more productive. I will mention though, the free version is MORE then enough to stay productive.

What are you waiting for?? Have a look at this amazing app and try it for yourself! Trust me, you will become far more productive once you start using it.

What to know more about the app? Click this button below!

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