Why was I holding back on building websites?

When I started Russtek a little over a year ago, it was because I loved social media and wanted to help others and help their businesses grow. Building websites was never something I even thought about.

When starting out I knew I needed a website and I had no idea how to go about designing my own site, so I went out and got a few quotes for others to build one for me. When the quotes came in my jaw hit the floor! I couldn’t believe what it was going to cost me. As a startup I wasn’t willing to pay that much so it was time to start learning.

After a lot of learning and a few variations I have a website I am proud of!!!

Over the past few years I have never really promoted the fact that we build websites but through word of mouth we have done several sites for clients and others that we know. It’s something that I love doing but still not something we promoted much.

After talking with a client that I have built a site for, they have told me this is something that I should be doing more of. The more I learn and the more I play, the more I love building websites, so it was time to finally change that. It’s now something that we “officially” offer as a service from Russtek.

Thinking about that now, it’s something I should have never held back on but it’s also a lesson I have learnt. Never hold back on something you’re passionate about. If it’s something you’re good at and something you want to do…just do it!

What to talk about us building your new site for a much cheaper rate than I got? Click the button below!

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