Are you having a hard time getting motivated?

As an entrepreneur it can sometimes be a struggle to get motivated and tackle your To Do List. Not everyone can be like Gary Vaynerchuck and have that 24/7 hustle. Well, I can’t that’s for sure. The older I get I have realized my time has become more valuable.

I have always been a very positive and motivated person, but I am not perfect by any means. For me the best way to stay motivated is to stick to a schedule.

If you have been reading our blog, I posted a blog back on April 17th of this year talking about what my day looked like from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.

I still stick to this schedule…for the most part, and for me that’s one thing that helps me stay focused and motivated. Sticking to a schedule however, isn’t the only thing that helps me.

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you have heard me talk about ToDoist. This is an app for your phone, computer and an extension for your browser. You can create tasks, reoccurring tasks, projects and so much more. This is a To Do list on steroids.

Seeing on every device that I have tasks that need to be completed is pure motivation for me.

What keeps you motivated?

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