Are you celebrating your wins?

Being an entrepreneur and a social media manager, celebrating your wins, no matter how big or how small is huge!

Most of you know that I’m apart of a group of Social Media Managers run by Rachel Pedersen, called Social Media United. On top of being in this group I’m also apart of another group that’s run by AIM Social Media Marketing. In both groups, we have what’s called “Wins Wednesday”. In there we post our wins, no matter how big or how small.

The benefit to this, is that we get to celebrate our wins and accomplishments!

Why is this so important?

No matter what you’re doing or what field you are in, working hard none stop can get to you. Celebrating a win and hearing feed back from others is a HUGE motivation. Just think back to when you were a child on a sports team, when your coach gave you a pat on the back, how great did that feel? Did you want to play harder and win for your coach? Of course you did!

The same thing applies at work now that we are adults. Getting a small pat on the back is a great way to motivate us. I love reading through the comments on these posts in the groups and seeing the great things people are doing. There is nothing more satisfying than telling someone that they did a great job and hearing how much they appreciate that.

As you scroll through your social feeds this week and see a post about something awesome someone did, make sure to comment “Great job”. That comment will go a long way, and trust me, that comment will motivate that person even more!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree?

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