Are you caught up enough with your work to take a weekend off suddenly?

This past weekend was a little different for me, I had to take the entire weekend off and hardly do any work at all.

My father had to go in for major surgery this past weekend and my plan was to bring my laptop to the waiting room and get a little work done. Also, throughout the weekend when he got his room I was going to spend time with him to keep him company all while using the hospital WiFi to get some work done.

That was the plan anyway! That didn’t work at all as planned, the WiFi in the hospital was so slow I could hardly get on Facebook to give out of town family and friends an update.

Now What???

Thankfully I had the important things caught up and just had to get to a few minor things on Sunday night done when I got home.

Are you able to do the same in an emergency?

Something I was taught many years ago, is to always be prepared. When you’re working don’t just look at what needs to be done today, tomorrow or the next day. Make sure you look ahead for the entire week and the entire month even.

If you make sure you’re ahead of the game, little emergencies like this won’t catch you off guard.

I want to know; do you look ahead or just work for what needs to be done today?

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