Were you social on the Canada Day long weekend?

What an amazing Canada Day weekend and Social Media Day…hot but amazing! We couldn’t be prouder to be from Windsor and to be Canadian.

We started off our weekend on Saturday at the 8th Annual Community Chalk Tweet for Social Media day. What an amazing event with so many community partners that are there to help each other out. We had a chance to meet some great people and even run through a sprinkler that Windsor Fire and Rescue set up. Would you like to see that crazy video? Let us know!

So why is Social Media Day so important?

It was first started 9 years ago by Mashable, a multimedia company to celebrate social media’s impact on global communication and wow has it had an incredible impact!

For a business you can’t not have social media in one way or another as the number of people using at least one platform continues to grow. Right now, there are roughly 2.4 billion users that have at least one social media platform and almost all of them have multiple.

I’m not saying you don’t need a website or a funnel for your business but how are people going to know you have a website? To find out more about why, take a look at the blog we wrote about website traffic.

Think about how you shop and what brands you’re loyal to, are they on social? Do you follow them and relate with that brand?

More and more business are using features on platforms like Instagram and Facebook Stories and using YouTube videos to help relate with their customers. The more personal you are with your customers the better it is. I don’t know about you but if I’m working with a brand I want to be able to relate with them and see who they are and how they operate. I don’t want to shell out money to a company that hides and just pushes out their products or services.

How do you feel about the brands you deal with? Do you agree and buy from a brand that is more relatable?

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