How do you get back to reality?

Now that MOMENTUM has come and gone it’s back to reality and back to our normal routine. That means no more super late nights and early mornings, no more running all over the place with extra planning meetings and no more weekly Facebook Live at 5 videos….mind you, I really do miss those. If you liked those, we have something planned to make up for it…stay tuned!

If you remember our blog, “What are you doing today?” we talked about our daily routine and how we managed our day. Getting up at 5 and stopping for dinner at 6 and everything in-between. After MOMENTUM I think we worked a little to hard and have started to burn out a little. We have been working hard to get what we need to get done but it’s been a little more of a struggle.

With the long weekend coming up we are looking to take some time away from the office to reset and rest with friends and family and think that to help us get back into the grove come Monday.

How do you deal with burning out after a major project or planning a big event? Let us know and we can chat about it.

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Nick Russell



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