Do you wish you had all the answers when you started your business?

As MOMENTUM approaches, just a few days away now we have been working really hard to make this an amazing event for everyone. As we get closer and work harder I have also taken a step back and have started to reflect a little bit and wishing I had all the answers when I started my business. Working to make an event that will help guide business owners and entrepreneurs start and or grow their businesses it got me thinking about our start here at Russtek. After being with the Beer Store for just over 16 years and other jobs before that I really never had to worry about all the little details about running a business. As a manager with the Beer Store, there were some things I had to worry about but most of it had to be approved, so being a manager wasn’t really managing the store. It was more so a title and I did, kind of get to make my own schedule. Working through all of the hurdles and learning about running my own business has been both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I will say though, I really wish there was an event like MOMENTUM about a year and a half ago because that would have made my life a whole lot easier. Don’t get me wrong, putting in the work to learn about all aspects of the business has been fun but having an event that I would learn all these things in one day would have helped a lot and got things started a lot sooner. Learning about things like the proper way to network, accounting, the legal side of the business and so much more would have been very beneficial. Are you in the Windsor area and just starting out or thinking about starting a business? Come on out and take advantage of the recourses our speakers will be touching on, trust me…this is something you are not going to want to miss! Let’s Chat Nick Russell nick.russell@russtekmedia.com 519.792.9303

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