Are you focusing on just one social media platform???

I’m going to start this blog off with a story…

Rachel Pedersen, a social media influencer and someone that continues to teach me more each day, just had her Instagram account shut down. The reason for this seems to be she had a massive amount of people following her in a short amount of time. The good news is she got her account back up and running…. only to be shut down again due to a troll claiming she is fake. Trust me, this is not true. She is real and she is amazing. As of writing this blog her account is still down as she tries to prove that she is real to Instagram.

What can we learn from this story?

Each profile you have, if it’s Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever it may be, all of these are rented spaces and nothing is guaranteed to stay.

Why is this important?

If you focus all of your business on just one platform and you happen to lose that for whatever reason, can your business survive? What if you have an online business or even just part of your business online? Can you survive if the one platform you focused on goes down?

This is why I encourage everyone to work on multiple platforms. Right now I am on almost everything that is out there. I use only a few but I am on just about everything just in case something goes down and I’m doing my research for the next big thing.

Take for example Snapchat, I am on there but don’t use it often but I’m ready to use it if that’s the audience that I need to market to. There are a few other platforms as well that I’m on as I research and make sure if it’s the next big thing to happen in social media.

I will leave you with this, just remember that all social media is just rented space and if you need help expanding or what to know what platforms work best for your business, Let’s Chat and see how we can help you.

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Nick Russell



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