There’s no way I can do a podcast…I don’t have a mic or anything!

Way back in late November we put out our first intro to a podcast letting everyone know that in January we wanted to have a weekly podcast. It was going to be great!!!

We had a couple guests interested in coming on with us to record, this was perfect! Now to look into getting a good microphone and create an hour-long script for each podcast. After all that’s how the “professionals” do it, right?

The more podcasts I listened to the more I started to realise that not every podcast was done in a studio, not every podcast was an hour long. Wait a minute, now my whole idea is starting to go out the window. How was I going to structure “Let’s Chat with Russtek” now?

Not wanting to have an inconsistent podcast I waited and did more research, how was I going to record? How was I going to edit all the podcasts together? How was I going to host and post these podcasts? Where should they be posted?

Then after listening to The GaryVee Audio Experience, he mentioned an app called Anchor and how it was the best way to get a podcast out.

Listening to Gary V’s podcast and Russell Brunson’s podcast, neither one of them had it done in a studio 100% of the time and not every one was an hour long. The times ranged from a short 5 minute podcast to a full hour. Even Russell’s podcast was often recoded as he was driving.

How was he doing this?

Well once I downloaded Anchor and started to play with it, that was how we were going to Record Let’s Chat with Russtek!!!

You can have it set to record with a microphone on the computer if you choose or you can use the app on your phone and record as if you were talking on the phone…and the quality is amazing!!!

Not only was it easy to record, it lets you edit and add sound bites right from the app and it will publish to all major sites for you like iTunes or Google Play.

With that, we are up and running!!!

Have you listened yet? Go check it out!!!

Let’s Chat

Nick Russell



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