How much is to much?

We can all agree that social media is a very powerful tool. It can connect family from across the world, it can help a small start up business grow into something great and it can help long lost family to reconnect.

But how much is to much? If you follow celebrities or YouTube stars, you get to see every waking moment of their life. Take Ali Spagnola, she records just about everything about her life on Snapchat. If you follow her, you feel like you are best friends because that’s how often she posts.

What am I getting at here???

If you are a cult film lover like I am, you will know who Keven Smith is. If you don’t, he’s an actor and director that has done films like Clerks, Mall Rats, Dogma, the Jay and Silent Bob films and so many more. He’s a very lovable character and a well respected in Hollywood.

Recently, he suffered a major heart attack while doing a show. He had 2 shows scheduled and after the first one he started to feel ill and that’s when people called for paramedics. The quick response saved his life.

What does all this have to do with social media you ask?

Well, shortly after he woke up and before any press from his team released a statement…he tweeted himself that he had a heart attack and posted a photo of himself in the hospital bed.

Last week this blew up my news feed and that made me think, is this something that he had to do? Is that something I would have done in the same situation?

I want to know what you think, God forbid if you were in that situation would you post on social media about being in the hospital? Maybe it’s not that, maybe you were just married and before during or after your wedding, would you be on social media?

Is anything we do now private or do people expect you post everything about your life because we are just that connected now.

What are your thoughts?

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