How do you stay productive on mobile?

With our BlackBerry Networking event in books we want to say a huge thank you to BlackBerry Mobile for coming out with all the swag and donating a BlackBerry Motion to one lucky winner.

Leaving the event, we are very happy with the turnout and the buzz that’s come from the event. It has given us even more motivation to continue and grow. I have always been one for being productive and finding new ways to be more productive, now with the BlackBerry KEYone as the main driver I have noticed the last couple days I have been getting even more work done on mobile.

Are you working more on mobile?

On my previous mobile device, I was always having to charge it and using it as a business phone, I was not productive at all. Now with a battery that will last just about 2 days I have no issues sending all my emails, texts and creating content right from my phone. Having Android and all the apps that comes with it I find that I was hardly at my desk this weekend yet getting just as much work done.

Before having the power house of a business phone in the KEYone, I would find myself being in meetings having to wait till I got home to get work done. While out and between meetings now I can get everything done from sending full emails, creating content and designing images right from my mobile device.

What device are you using and how productive are you on it?

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