“Can I schedule my Instagram posts?”

January 30th at 4:20 I was in a working meeting and I got a notification on my phone from an email. As I looked at the notification, it was from Hootsuite!

Instagram + Hootsuite Just Got Better!”

With a headline like that, how could I not open it right away? As I opened it and started to read I was jumping for joy!!! You can not schedule your Instagram posts!!!! No more, getting reminders, no more posting on the fly and having to remember or stop what you’re doing. As you schedule all your content for every other platform, you can now add Instagram to that list!

Why is that a huge deal?

For now, you will be able to schedule your Instagram Business account posts with talks about it opening to personal accounts as well. For Social Media Managers this is one less thing we have to worry about now as we plan our days, weeks and months with schedules content.

Hootsuite isn’t the only program that you will be able to schedule from as others begin to update and make this possible.

We want to know, are you as happy about this as we are?

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Nick Russell



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