What tools are you using for your social?

Last week we posted an article that talked about some Tools of the Trade! Today however we will be sharing some tools that we use…are you ready for us to give you some of our secrets? Posting to social isn’t just about putting text on your status and leaving it at that. When you scroll through your feed, does text catch your eye? How about a video or a photo? Exactly, you want something that catches your eye and makes you stop to see what that person or brand has to say.

So, to help we’re going to give you some tools that we use and hope these help you improve your social game…


Both Pixels and Pixabay are completely free stock photo sites. No matter what it is you’re looking for, they will have it! When posting images to your social or website you must be careful that you have the rights to the photos you use and it’s not something that will get you into trouble. With these 2 sites, you won’t have to worry about that at all.


This is a completely free and incredible tool that will help you design some show stopping images. You have the option to upload photos and create your own designs or use their template. Trust me, they have a TON of templates, so you will never have the same image twice. There is a paid option for a bit better of an experience but that’s not needed unless you want to.


For those that are a little more advanced when it comes to creating graphics and images, GIMP is a completely free program that is like Photoshop. The options with GIMP are endless and when you combine GIMP and Canva, your images are going to be outstanding!!!


The more accounts you have the harder it is to keep track everything when you are posting to multiple platforms. With Hootsuite you can have everything all in one place and schedule to all your social accounts. It’s an absolute lifesaver!


I have to say, this is one of my favorites. How often are you telling your followers on Instagram, “Go to the link in our bio” and then having to constantly change the link in your bio to match what you want your audience to click on? With Linktree you can have as many links on your bio as you want. With the free version however, you can have 4 visible links to your audience. This way, you won’t have to constantly change that link. It’s always right there for you.

These are just a few tools that we love to use, if you want to know more or need any help please feel free to send use a message!

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