Holiday Hustle

It’s that time of year again. As entrepreneurs we are always go, go go and no stop. As I write this blog I am thinking about my weekend and although I managed to get out and enjoy myself I did put in 2 full days of work in this past weekend.

As the Christmas weekend approaches we know that there are many parties, family functions and of course for us guys…shopping left to do. With that said, they say December 18th is the most stressful day of the year. It’s that week before Chrsitmas and like I said above, there is a lot to do.

Does it have to be that stressful? As busy as we are, we here at Russtek always have things scheduled and put into lists. That might make us huge geeks, but it helps us get our work done, get to meetings and get our research done and not have to stress about missing anything. It also leaves us time to get to all the other events and parties that come with the holiday season.

How do you feel about this time of the year? Are you stressed about work and everything else that this holiday season has to offer? Or is this just another week for you? Let us know!

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