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I know we just did a blog about this just a short time ago, but we feel that’s it’s very important to constantly educate yourself no matter what industry you’re in.

It’s funny when you think about where life has taken you. When you think about education as a teenager and compare that to being in University and then again compare that to being an adult and continuing your education, it’s amazing how your mindset changes.

With Social Media constantly changing I am always taking some type of course, webinar or reading countless articles to further educate myself and I just can’t get enough. With that in mind as well as clients asking if I would be able to help them and show them the latest trends we decided to launch our Education Services at Russtek.

Starting in January we will be launching a Podcast called, Let’s Chat with Russtek as well as webinars all for free to help anyone that is willing to listen and learn. We will also be launching either one on one training and or larger group training at your company. This can be done onsite or at site we can book that works for you.

Let us know if you want to book a training session, log into one of our webinars or you can sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on when our Podcast will be launching.

Let’s Chat

Nick Russell



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